Thursday, December 29, 2016

Two Years Later

Lately I've been thinking about blogging again so I came over here and noticed the last post was almost 2 full years ago. A LOT has changed in two years (although those pictures of a clean house are very satisfying).

Here are some of the changes in the last two years:

1. I started working everyday (30 hours, so not exactly "full time").
2. We moved to a new house (same town).
3. We started skiing/snowboarding with the children.
4.  My baby (the first one) became a teenager.
5. I started using essential oils.
6. I got involved with Girls on the Run.
7. I ran a 10K. Twice.
8. I went to Target too many times to count.
9. I got to level 2055 on Candy Crush (that's dedication).
10. I realized how much I like things to be organized by color, alphabetical order, or both. And for lists to be 10 things or at least even numbers.

My next plan for a post is to recap my year in reading. I joined the Goodreads challenge and read 89 books this year . . . I thought I might not make it but finished the 89th one yesterday, with 3 days to spare.

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