Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hello 2014

Well, I've been working a lot. And it was Christmas. And in general I am trying to focus on real life and not cyber life which is hard because most things don't feel real unless I brag about them on the Facebooks. But I find the more time I'm on FB the more dissatisfied I am with actual life. I have ideas and words swirling around in my head but when I sit to write they come out clunky and uncooperative.

I really didn't make any "New Year's Resolutions" because it feels forced and fake (to me) to make a "resolution" on a specific day and I'm just asking for guilt if I say "I'm gong to not waste time on the computer" or something. From experience I know this. If it's something I've been considering, or something that God's been moving in my heart about, I want to be free to make that change when it's time. If it's March or the week after Christmas or whenever. 

So my New Year's Resolution is to take more selfies. Since I've taken and posted 4 or 5, I've already accomplished that. Kate (who doesn't like to be talked about) said her resolution was to not pick her nose. Or not pick her nose as much. I'm not sure if Sam had one and I'm sure Craig didn't. I don't know if we could handle his awesome if he improved.

Will 2014 be an awesome year? Maybe. It might be an average year with ups and downs. It most likely will be an average year, however, even in mundane real life, God is right here with us, loving, guiding, and protecting.

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