Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another One

I was going to have "use a bookmark" as another New Year's resolution but have already, before even completely formulating it in my mind, failed.

Not that I dog-ear the pages or place and open book pages down to hold my place. Disrespecting books has no place in my life. But I planned to combine the piles of bookmarks this house has spawned* and the books it has also spawned (I may be more directly responsible for the book acquisitions than I want to admit) into a neat conglomeration of knowing where I am.


Within hours of thinking this was an achievable goal, I  immediately resorted to using the closest flat thing I could lay my hands on to mark my place. A receipt, Lego instructions, Pok√©mon cards, someone's spelling list for the week . . .

And so, while I currently have 5 books I'm reading and all are marked, only one has an actual bookmark.

Also, in addendum to my last post: Sam said he wanted to keep his room clean. This lasted until something Lego had to be built.

*My children use the word "spawn" frequently and casually. I blame Minecraft.

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