Monday, November 4, 2013

Somthing new{ish}

Well hi there.

I have been gone for awhile. Gone from blog land but so much more present in my life.

Blogging takes a huge commitment! And then there's the "what blog am I?" question, which, frankly, I didn't consider at all. You want random stories? I got that. Crafts? sometimes. Quilting? when the mood hits. Recipes? OK, but none are "mine." Inspiring insights? on rare occasions.

Furthermore, there's so many lame blogs out there that I really don't want to add to that pile. Pitiful writing, bad editing, crummy pictures. And so many amazing blogs - whether topic, writing, photos, or all of those plus more  . . . well, I can't compete keep up with those AND keep my house clean enough to photograph when the light is good, so why try?

This school year I've been substituting in the schools in my town. After my first assignment, I thought, "I'll write a blog post reflecting on each assignment and what I think/felt/learned."


Once they started, the assignments came so quickly I had no time for reflections, just time to toss some laundry in, swipe something for the kids to wear out of the clirty* pile, and pack up lunches before heading out again.

I started with a week as a school librarian in one of the elementary schools. Overall it was easy but it is hard working every day. Plus my Candy Crush game suffered. Then I was up at the middle school and was told I did a good job,  I  "seem[ed] to get what we're doing here,"** and "we'll ask for you again." They have asked for me again, and then I spent a day as a robotics engineer teacher at the high school (lesson learned, bring a book), and  also had a couple days in the preschool classroom at another elementary school.

In some ways I'm thrilled with this town and they system they have; especially for me, who came from a tiny Christian high school with few to no resources, the computer room labs, libraries, art rooms, and music rooms are amazing to me+. On the other hand, these kids! they can't problem solve or deal with the slightest inconvenience. It's frustrating . . . I have to remember that as a "paraeducator" I'm seeing some of the toughest cases and that there are kids there with organizational skills or social skills. I'm just not interacting with them in a one-on-one situation.

Today I didn't take a position because I fell yesterday and hurt my ankle. So my pain & need to ice it are your bonus! I started a post about a month ago that I might finish. If I can remember what I was talking about.

So there's my contribution to the ocean of words soaking the internet today. Enjoy your surf.

*clean/dirty portmanteau. Not original to me.
** As far as what they're doing up there, I can't say what it is or how I "get" it but I'll take the compliment. Both the old standby of "proximity to the troublemaker" (for example, standing by someone who's talking) as well as the ABA skill of "non-verbal cue" (pointing to my outstretched hand when the child is to give me something) work well with that age.
+Something that bugs me about this, that I haven't really processed, is that my parents knew how much better the resources were are the public school (my brother went there) and they still sent us to the underfunded Christian School. There are so many aspects to this decision that I can't analyze them all or even understand them at this point, but I can't help feeling gypped a little, like, did they not expect us ever to leave the Fundy world? So we wouldn't need an accredited education? At the same time, it's fine. Everything that has happened before in my life has brought me to now which is perfectly what God wants for me. So while I many wonder and process through these kinds of thoughts, I'm OK with how it actually happened.

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  1. I wouldn't put so much pressure on yourself with the blog...just do it because its fun. I blog and I'm not at all excellent at it, my pictures lack good lighting, my grammar I know is bad but you know's an outlet for me and a way for me to share my life with others...that is it...nothing more. And I like that my kids will have it to look back on because I know I will forget a lot of what I talk about and share. :) I'm glad you are enjoying subbing! I think I will do the same if the day ever comes when they are all in school! :) Hope your ankle heals quickly!