Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What Would {insert name} Do?

I was looking on Pinterest at someone's board of Kate Middleton and loving how thin and classy and stylish and put-together she is. The Hair. The Smile. etc.

I thought, "My new mantra will be, 'What would Kate Middleton do?'"

(It just occurred to me she's technically not "Middleton" anymore but since I'm just a Yank with no functional knowledge of royalty, we're going with Kate Middleton for now.)

Unfortunately, the answer to what would Kate Middleton do? Is more often than not "have her staff do it" or "sleep in late" or "have someone do her hair and go to a party." Since none of these things are actual possibilities, this isn't as motivating or inspiring as I hoped. There was the time I answered myself with "have better posture" so at least that was achievable.

And then when I'm biting my cuticles while I drive (or something equally unclassy), I'm glad there's no photographers following me and forcing me to be pulled together and sophisticated all. the. time.

'Cause that has to be exhausting.

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