Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I thought it was Quiet

The children were outside so I thought I had a few minutes to scratch out a blog post (I've even made notes so I'm sort of organized when I actually go to write) but they swarmed in (there's an extra one today) and are now discussing what would be the weirdest flavors of jelly beans.

"Sandwich Flavor" is winning the grossness debate right now.

I would suggest "earwax" but that would make me laugh and take too long to explain.

On the jelly bean subject, my daughter ate all of the red jelly beans out of the container I bought yesterday.




I don't know how she remembered that that was an option of what to do with jelly beans . . . it must have made a big impression on her last year that I preferred the red ones. I am trying to limit my sugar consumption so I guess it's just her way of helping me out.

The deep thoughts will have to wait for another day.