Friday, March 23, 2012

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I'm trying to convince Kate to go outside since it's a lovely day but she's glued to some Ninjago show she found ondemand. I don't have a lot of energy for it since I want to sit and read or pin so I'm just trying to cooperate with her instructions to "not look at the screen." I thought I'd try writing a blog post, if coherent thoughts would cooperate.

For one thing, it drives me nuts to come home to loads of clutter after being out all afternoon at the park. We can leave with things semi in order but return to so many little housekeeping tasks that an afternoon out doesn't seem worth it. I am tyring to find a place where I'm OK with that but some days I'm not.

Have I mentioned I have bursitis in my hip and plantar faciitis in my foot? On the same side? Add that to my carpal tunnel and there's very few workout I can do and even fewer I can do back to back. I can do weights but not push-ups. I can do core work but not cardio. I miss my endorphins.

She's agreed to go outside! I'm going with her. I bought some sunscreen yesterday and can't find it now. I sort of plan to try to write once a week. Maybe I'll tell you about spirit week.

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