Monday, February 6, 2012


OK, so we're going to start at the end since that's how I uploaded the pictures.
These two layouts (above and below) are my first attempts at paint splatters. I splattered and dripped paint on several pieces of paper to see if it was easy or hard and also to see how big of a mess it would make.
It does make a big mess but I had a splat mat under the paper I was splattering on. Both of these are pictures from when we went to the zoo in 2008.
The rest of these are from when I went to the scrap marathon two weeks ago. I had been going twice a year to scrap, in January and June, but had to miss the last June one for a wedding. So it had been a long time since I'd had any dedicated scrap time. These layouts below are the ones I did that day.
I had a list of pages that I needed to fill in gaps in our albums, so I had pictures divided into piles like "Sam summer 2008 1 page." This helped me stay focused. I also tried to match pictures and papers so I didn't have to take so much with me.
This layout (above) is a scraplift from a layout I found on Pinterest. I'd link you but sometimes this computer acts weird about letting me highlight things. That's why sometimes there's links and sometimes there's not.
She wanted to pose with the layout since she's holding the same panda in the layout.
This was supposed to have stitching on it but I poked the holes all wrong. So I had to fix it with a patch. This one is also a Pinterest scraplift.
I don't know why she's trying to get in the picture with this one since it's Sam's layout.
These ones, above and below, have a 6-photo picture holder in between the layouts - a trick I've seen and used when there's a lot of pics from one event but too many for layouts.
Birth announcement from my new niece, Trillian. I added the "it's a girl" when I got home - I went through an added some kind of embellishment to almost every layout (the primary reason being I have massess [I mean massess] of stickers, quotes, ribbon, embellishments, etc., etc., etc. and was trying to move some of it); this is the only one that I sort of am not entirely happy with the addition.
No paper. All ribbon.
The letters on these two are cut with the Cricut. I think I went a little overboard on the BCM one but . . . it's done so I'm not that unhappy with it.
And finally, Polis (that's what Kate called her pacifier). I'm not thrilled with the picture of me on the layout but I'm holding the polis which I think is kind of funny. For about 2 1/2 years we had them everywhere and then she grew out of them . . . so I had to scrap it.
Hopefully another year doesn't go by before I have more to show you.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Love is Eternal

Last fall (fall 2010), I took off my engagement ring and wedding ring because I was getting a callus from lifting weights. My finger is much bigger than when I got married, and once they were off, they weren't going back on. I was kind of sad but figured we'd get them sized sooner or later. And I had a ring to wear, an aquamarine that fit my ring finger.

But time dragged on, and sizing the rings kept being moved down on the priority list of spending.

Meanwhile, last summer, I read I Do but I Don't by Kamy Wicoff (very interesting read; it looks at all aspects of the wedding, and why we do what we do as far as wedding traditions and expectations). In one part she talks about why she doesn't wear her engagement ring: she goes into the whole "being chosen" thing vs. being the chooser; the diamond industry in general; how the ring says things that maybe the wearer isn't wanting to say; and how gauche women can be, wanting big rings to "prove" they're "worth" more.

I realized I missed my rings and that some of her reasons for not wearing her ring were reasons I wanted to wear my rings. These rings represent our love and our vows and I wanted even the casual observer to see that.

Finally, finally, we took our rings to Barmakian in Nashua and I picked them up today. They are so shiny and glossy . . . like new. And they fit. Craig got his done, too, and we keep marvelling to each other how nice they look, how nice it is to have them fit and to be wearing them.

And the engraving survived . . . the bands were stretched and we didn't know if we'd lose the engraving. But it's there.

Love is Eternal. 10-21-00.