Monday, January 9, 2012

Wanting to Want to

I never want to do my housework (shocking confession, I know). Never. There is always something better to do, like pinning, or reading, or crafting, or using the power tools (those things are heavy), or just whatever.

But then I get so discouraged because my house is a mess and doesn't look a nicely lit and whitewashed like those pictures on pinterest.

Last week, I thought, man, I wish I wanted to do my housework. That I wasn't always trying to avoid it and feeling bad that it wasn't done. I want to want to do it. And it was like a voice said, Just ask Me.*

*Don't get all worked up that I said I heard a voice. I didn't "hear" a "voice," but it was like a still, small voice in my soul. A quiet prodding. A reminder.

So I did. I prayed, "Lord, help me to want to want to take care of my home. I want to want to do these things before I flake off and check out."

And He answered me. He gave me what I asked for, a peace and motivation to do what needed to be done. A lovely, quiet peace about carrying on with my duties, a statisfaction of a job well done. A dedication that's lasted through this last week. If I feel it lagging, I bring it back to Him. "Thank you, Lord, for helping want to do housework. Help me still."

It's been so encouraging, too, to be reminded that I can bring everything to God; He loves me and wants to give me the things I ask for.

And wow, is my house clean.


  1. thank you. i needed to be reminded that even the simple desire to be motivated to clean can come from the Lord. thanks. love you.

  2. tears actually ran down my face when I read this. Because I want that too, but never once have I thought of asking him for that desire. Thanks, friend!

  3. Wow I would love that feeling but I hate housework! Like seriously hate it :(

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