Friday, January 27, 2012

In which I improve upon a good thing

(OK, I started this post on the 14th. I'm hoping to post it tonight.)
Our dining room chairs are falling apart. They creak, sway, and generally are not stable. Two of them already broke apart. We sort of half-talked about getting a new set but there's so many other things above new dining room set on the priority list.
I saw a great pic (pic 3) in Country Living of a dining room with slipcovered chairs and found them for $30 each. Plus I don't have a big white room and a big dark table like the pic, but I thought slipcovered chairs could work for us. Sure Fit had these for less so I asked my MIL for them for Christmas. She, being a generous gift giver, gave me 4 (many, many thanks).
I was thrilled and immediately put one on a chair. After looking at it for several days I began to think I should hem it to make it shorter. I realized it needed to be pulled up from the top of the chair back.
(near chair is straight-out-of-package [well, not really, I washed it]; far chair is tailored.)
First, I washed and dried the slipcovers so they if they were going to shrink, they would be shrunk. Then I measured how much they needed to be pulled up and took them down to my craft cave.
They had this funny kind of tuck in the top so I pulled that out with my seam ripper.
I marked my machine (with the water-soluble quilt marker, which smudged but lasted long enough for this project) 3.5 inches from where the seam would be - so I would have a straight seam.

Somehow those pictures are a big block that I can't space apart but I'm sure you can figure out that I sewed a seam, lining the top of the slipcover up with the marker line, and then I re-did the funny little fold thing.
Craig braced up the chairs:
And now they are covered and the whole thing is lovely. Next up, refinishing the table. Wish us luck.

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  1. they look really really good. Love the table cloth too.