Monday, December 5, 2011

Sam's Lego Party

Seriously, I wasn't going to plan and host another party here, ever, after the Halloween Party. Did I mention there were 17 kids here? It was a lot of work, and fun, but I thought I'd need a year or two to recover.

Craig and I were discussing options for Sam's birthday and Sam said he wanted a Lego party. We'd done one two years ago, with the kit from the store, but I thought we could make this one more of a games and free-build party.

I looked all over the web (and Pinterest) for ideas. I started with Birthday Party Ideas but the party at Delia Creates was where I got most of my ideas. I didn't do a lot; these two parties are amazing to me, how thorough they are with their design concepts, but I really wanted to stick to primary Lego colors.

I'm not sure exactly where I saw this idea, it's gotta be one of those links above:

I filled this jar with two little "City" Lego sets (minus the three pieces that were too big for the jar) and the guests guessed how many; the closest won the legos (and the instructions to build!).

I saw these somewhere, too; maybe pinned on Pinterest. There were a few things I saw that I could recreate without following the link. I just used my 1.5" circle punch and glued "studs" on the bags. (That punch got quite a workout last week, as you'll see in a later post). (The "8" on the baseplate pictured at the top of the post was a Pinterest idea, too.)

I was really determined to have a banner, and even after hanging red, blue, yellow, and green crepe paper all over, I still felt the need to use all the stuff I printed and cut out to make one. I found the Lego brick paper printable here (cut into 2x4 bricks) and the heads . . . not sure. (OK, I've looked and looked. It's a pdf I downloaded, called "Lego straw" and the idea was you could make a slit in their mouths and slide them on a straw. I suspect I found it on the Brickipedia photo gallery . . . guess how many images are there. Go ahead, guess. Wrong. 42,041. That's a lot of images to search.)

The party was after school on a Friday, so when the kids got here, I had a bunch of snacks for them. We invited 6 kids and four ended up coming . . . it was the perfect number (primarily because it's distance from 17). All his good buddies. I did wrap a few juice boxes to look like bricks, but didn't think all the kids would want juice. The wrap threw them off . . . "can we drink this?"

We ended up not using some of the games I planned because the kids were playing so well without structure or intervention. They played Mario and Cars . . .

(blurry pic of kids in Sam's room with Mario figures) and later transitioned to Jedi light saber battles.

We did two organized things:

I printed big ol' minifig heads (again with the not bookmarking where I got this. Blogger FAIL.) I erased the features (leaving a weird yellow blotch on the side where it was shaded) and had the kids draw themselves.

Then they cut them out and played "pin the head on the minifigure." This minifigure image came from one of the coaches at our school's Lego League that Craig enlarged 400% and I colored.

My first idea was for these heads to be masks they held up with paint stirrers but the day I was at Lowe's there were none on the counter and no one around to ask for 6 paint stirrers. So I said, "Cut out eyes when you get home and have a mask," and then somoene taped his head on his face so they all (minus one) did it and I took their picture:

They played some more, then had pizza and cake.

Variations of this Lego cake are all over the interwebs. I made Nigella Lawson's Buttermilk Birthday Cake (oh my word) and some Almost Homemade Buttercream (My computer freezes when I go to CL so you'll have to google it yourself. It uses fluff.) from Country Living. It is literally too much. Like, fall out of your face. I made a double batch of the cake so I would have some cupcakes for the studs.

Blue smiles all around.

In the favor bags were a little bag of corresponding color M&Ms, a minifigure, a cake pop (I made them for Sam to take to school; "we can make them look like something," he said, but there was not enough time for that), and a Lego magazine. When I was the Lego store getting the box of 650 bricks (it is HARD to find straight up Lego bricks, everything's a set now), the guy gave Kate a magazine so I asked for 7 more and that was in there, too.

It was so fun and low-key, the cake was yummy, and Sam had a good time with his friends. The recovery from this party should be much shorter . . .

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  1. what an awesome party! You did amazing work, I love the banner. How creative.
    Looks like a perfect party!