Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reality, Kindergarten Style

Sweet Baby K was telling me the difference between fiction and non-fiction, something she learned at school.

Later on, she asked if the Muppets were fiction or non-fiction.

"I think they're fiction," I answered.

"But there are real people in it," she countered.

Since I had kept her home from school because her pinkeye has blossomed from just a little gunk in the corner of her eye to a swollen, red, oozing mess and I could not plausibly plead ignorance of her condition, I thought I should answer her honestly so the day could be slightly educational. I tried leading her to the right answer without telling her directly.

"The Muppets are puppets," I said, hoping I wasn't destroying her childlike belief in magic.

She gleefully exclaimed, "Then they're REAL!"

Childlike wonder win.

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