Friday, December 16, 2011

Real Life

I've been focusing on actual life lately and not the version of my life that I would like to have presented here or on facebook. It's amazing how much more laundry gets put away, dishes moved out of the sink into the dishwasher and then back into cupboards, and patience I have with my children telling me random anecdotes.

Here's a winner: Kate told us there's a girl at her school who has a ipod4. This thing can talk . . . and walk. If she needs a pencil, she tells the ipod and it gets the pencil for her.

I do have a bunch* of pictures to post, of all the pinterest/stumble** inspired stuff I did . . . and the hilarious collapse of our gingerbread house (you may have seen it on FB already).

* by "bunch" I mean 3 or 4.

** I still like Stumble. Because you get to see the whole website. There's some good reads out there . . . and some lame ones. Also I can't install the 'pin' button so I can't pin the stuff I find on Stumble. Sometimes I have them both open at the same time because the computer loads so slowly and I have a very short attention span.

Overall I cannot believe that Christmas is 9 days away. I have my South Carolina presents wrapped and in a box to go but nothing else wrapped. And not even everything bought. I want to do a bunch of baking . . . so little to do, so much time, right?

Maybe I'll stumble for awhile, just in case there's a craft I haven't seen yet that I can squeeze in before Christmas.

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