Friday, December 30, 2011


So, since my laptop quit (monitor), I haven't been able to post from Craig's laptop. Then I thought, I'll try scheduling it to post and see what happens.

Our Christmas was lovely, thank you for asking. It was bookened by some of us being sick, my son on Christmas Eve and my husband and I the day after Christmas. In between we managed to remember the precious Baby in a manger, the promise of life for the whole world.

2011 was a good year; nothing outstanding, nothing awful. Average but lovely in its averageness. I feel like (by God's grace and strength) I became more purposeful in my parenting, more forgiving of my mistakes, less critical of others, and more disciplined in my routine. Even in tiny increments, those are big steps for me.

I'd like to make some kind of list of highlights from the year but am moderately discouraged by the thought that this might not post . . . also trying to thing right now is daunting. Hmmmm . . .winter, spring, summer, fall. The year cycles by so fast; the days lengthen and shorten and goodnight kisses are given before it seems possible another day has passed.

God is faithful. If there's any theme I see as I look back over the year, it's that our loving Father, God, is faithful.

And will continue to be.

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  1. Being sick during the holidays is no fun! I'm so sorry!