Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Pancakes

I have lived in New England for 14 years. Or 13. I can't really remember at this point. Two weeks ago, for the first time, I had a pumpkin pancake. With my love for all things fall and pumpkin, I can't believe I hadn't encountered them before.

Since we're recovering from the black-out (school in cancelled so my children are catching up on TV watching and I'm online) I thought I would make some pumpkin pancakes for lunch. I strongly recommend not being really, really hungry when this thought strikes. It makes it all so much harder.

I used this recipe here with one change: I did one cup of whole wheat flour and one of all-purpose.

Dry ingredients (notice the random nature of how I added them; I vacillated between trying to add them in an orderly way for a picture and forgetting about that and dumping them in.).

There's no picture of the wet ingredients or of them all mixed together. But there is a cooking shot:

And then I styled this for you:

OK, actually I ate a bunch first. Then I thought about styling these. I got out a piece of wedding china and trimmed the butter and all that.

This is what was really going on:

Food styling is not easy. But since I was the only one eating them, I had lots of extra.

They were good pancakes and has a nice texture, but weren't pumpkiny enough for me.

And now the question is, what to do with the rest of this can of pumpkin?


  1. the food styling makes such a difference, I was impressed when I saw the china.
    Love the pat of butter on the top.
    They look yummy!

  2. Hard to believe this was a first time flavor for you. Looks yummy!.

  3. Yum! Makes me want to whip up some pancakes for lunch today!