Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cupcake Conspiracy

Because of the widespread power outages in Southern New Hampshire, school was cancelled 3 days this week. After catching up on Wii and TV time, the sibling picking on each other began and we were ready to rip our hair out.

Fortunately, my neighbor had a better idea for yesterday afternoon. She suggested the library and a stop at new (to us) place in Merrimack, Cupcake Conspiracy.

The cupcakes were normal-sized, not huge. The icing was good but not outstanding. I'd say I was most impressed by my neighbor's choice, orange cranberry, because of its layers of flavor. My choice, pecan pie, was nice and the candied pecan on top was really yummy.

(front to back: pecan pie, chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting, and orange cranberry, Sam)

I defnitely will go back to try other flavors and because I like icing and it's close.

We capped off our afternoon with a trip to Target to look for half-price costumes. Success came in the form of Bumblebee for Sam, Cleopatra for my neighbor's girl, and another set of cat ears for Kate.

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