Friday, November 4, 2011

Apothecary Jars

So this is what I ended up doing with my homemade apothecary jars:

I put some of those fake tealights behind them to flicker which looked cool (the two times I turned them on). I got the candles for $2.50 at the Christmas Tree Shop. I wanted black ones but couldn't find them in the 3 or 4 stores I remembered to look. I forgot to light them the night of our Halloween party but they did come in handy during the ensuing power outage.

That's my formerly-white-now-black thrift store plate and candlestick stand holding the pumpkin. Kate decorated that gourd at school. Its name is Little Curly Top.

Some of the jars have water with food coloring in them. For the "deadly nightshade" one, I modge podged in the inside and added black glitter.

I took these one morning when we had no power, which is why we have a fire.

On November 1, I took all this down, emptied the ones with liquid, and packed it away for next year. Now I have a whole year to collect more jars.

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