Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sparkly Ornaments

Last year around Christmas, I saw on Just a Girl or maybe Vintage Dutch Girl some sparkly ornaments. I'm not sure where I saw it because I can't find the post on Stumble or in my favorites but it's not original to me. It is easy enough so maybe that's why I didn't save a link, but usually if I think I'm going to do something I try to save the link even if it's easy to give credit for where the idea came from.

Anyway, I've put in some time searching and can't find the inspiration post so we're just gonna go ahead with what I did.

I've been on a Halloween decorating craft kick, if you haven't noticed. So while I do have some (great) old(ish) Christmas ornaments I want to glitter (given to me by my PA sister-in-law), I thought black sparkly ones would be a cool addition to my so far pumpkin- and candy corn-based decorating scheme.

Halloween cookie cutters, $6.99 for 12 (or however many are in there) from Home Goods. (I didn't think to take this picture until after the project was done.) I thought this was a good deal for cookie cutters I don't plan to cut cookies with.

First, I spray painted (as I did this I was thinking, how JaG of me to think, of course the first step is to spray paint).

This is my flat black paint from the jar lids.

Then I moved them inside and painted on Modge Podge. I mean, not the same day or anything. But within a week, I'd say.

Those are the same gloves I used when I did the shelf. They were all sticky so I tossed them after this activity. But it does explain why there's a red spot on one of the glittered cutters.

I put glitter (Recollections brand from Michaels) in a zip-top bag and after the cookie cutters were covered with glue I shook them in there to cover them with glitter.

The coffin shape was one I tried with just glue and glitter; it doesn't have the black spray paint underneath. I definitely think the spray paint gives them a better look and fills in any little spots where the glitter didn't stick. You can see silver through the glitter on the coffin, which, if you were using a white or clear glitter wouldn't show.

I was going to make a garland type thing with some woven ribbon and black grosgrain ribbon but it was not working for the space I thought I wanted it so this is what I ended up doing:

Kind of random, but at the same time I like it.

(Both of these pieces of art covered by sparkly ornaments are from my brother-in-law.)

I have one ornament hanging with my apothecary jars and the others on other pictures. They add just a little touch of sparkle and black to Halloweenify our house.

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  1. This is so cute! It turned out really well. Love it!


    PS. I'm excited to host my first ever real giveaway -- if you'd like, come by and check it out!