Monday, October 3, 2011

Aging in a Day

Awhile back I found this post about weathering a board for projects. I've been wanting to try it and I did try it awhile back but used brown as my first coat and it didn't work as well; when I checked out some actual aged wood I noticed it is grayish where the paint has worn away.

So, when Craig and I actually got our act together to put up a shelf in the bathroom (it's not up yet, but the shelf board is almost ready), I thought, this treatment is perfect to try.

First I used gray paint:

I'm pretty sure it's Behr paint from Home Depot but apparently we keep it in plastic food storage containers. It might be called Fforde Abbey. Or not, since it didn't show up when I searched.

So that was my first coat.

For my next coat, I grabbed an unlabeled paint can that I thought was whiter but was kind of cream; it turned out just fine anyway.

I wanted the board to be blue but the little sample bottle I thought was blue turned out to be brown and that is not what I wanted. So I pulled out this:

which has been lurking in the basement for six years.

Yes, you heard me right. 6 years. We have a random can of red paint that hasn't been used for years.

In between layers, after the gray layer and then after the white layer, I used a votive candle to rub wax on the edges and corners and some on the board itself. I did one layer each of gray and white and two of the red (it was flat paint but that wasn't a conscious choice, I just used what was here).

Then I sanded it with some sandpaper, grit unknown. Less gritty than the grittier brown sandpaper, the one I used was purple. I concentrated on the corners and edges but pretty much just sanded all over.

So pleased with the result:

How cool is that?

We're going to seal it with some kind of stain and then install it sometime in the future. But you know us. Don't hold your breath. Just marvel at how it went from a new board to "looking like it came from the dock" (Craig's words) in a day.


  1. that's awesome! I love the aged look. great job. I expect a finished picture of it in the bathroom by end of year...2012. I'll give you a little extra time :)