Friday, October 21, 2011

I have all I've waited for . . .

It's our 11th anniversary. Neither one of us wears our wedding rings 'cause we need to size them (larger, but thanks for thinking we got skinny). Words don't really do justice for how fantastic a husband Craig is {insert mindless but well-meaning cliche here}. Love you, babe.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sparkly Ornaments

Last year around Christmas, I saw on Just a Girl or maybe Vintage Dutch Girl some sparkly ornaments. I'm not sure where I saw it because I can't find the post on Stumble or in my favorites but it's not original to me. It is easy enough so maybe that's why I didn't save a link, but usually if I think I'm going to do something I try to save the link even if it's easy to give credit for where the idea came from.

Anyway, I've put in some time searching and can't find the inspiration post so we're just gonna go ahead with what I did.

I've been on a Halloween decorating craft kick, if you haven't noticed. So while I do have some (great) old(ish) Christmas ornaments I want to glitter (given to me by my PA sister-in-law), I thought black sparkly ones would be a cool addition to my so far pumpkin- and candy corn-based decorating scheme.

Halloween cookie cutters, $6.99 for 12 (or however many are in there) from Home Goods. (I didn't think to take this picture until after the project was done.) I thought this was a good deal for cookie cutters I don't plan to cut cookies with.

First, I spray painted (as I did this I was thinking, how JaG of me to think, of course the first step is to spray paint).

This is my flat black paint from the jar lids.

Then I moved them inside and painted on Modge Podge. I mean, not the same day or anything. But within a week, I'd say.

Those are the same gloves I used when I did the shelf. They were all sticky so I tossed them after this activity. But it does explain why there's a red spot on one of the glittered cutters.

I put glitter (Recollections brand from Michaels) in a zip-top bag and after the cookie cutters were covered with glue I shook them in there to cover them with glitter.

The coffin shape was one I tried with just glue and glitter; it doesn't have the black spray paint underneath. I definitely think the spray paint gives them a better look and fills in any little spots where the glitter didn't stick. You can see silver through the glitter on the coffin, which, if you were using a white or clear glitter wouldn't show.

I was going to make a garland type thing with some woven ribbon and black grosgrain ribbon but it was not working for the space I thought I wanted it so this is what I ended up doing:

Kind of random, but at the same time I like it.

(Both of these pieces of art covered by sparkly ornaments are from my brother-in-law.)

I have one ornament hanging with my apothecary jars and the others on other pictures. They add just a little touch of sparkle and black to Halloweenify our house.

Linking to the Craft Catwalk at Embellishing Life.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Trial and Error

There's something about the fall, the warmer weather, and being at home more that increases my baking efforts. I've been in the kitchen a lot trying things out.

My sister-in-law really liked the pumpkin snickerdoodles but I didn't have hers so can't say if they were similar or different from what I did.

I'd been looking at this Garlic Parmesan Pull-apart Bread for awhile and finally made it one night when we had lasagna (because why stop at the excessive steps of a lasagna? Might as well throw a yeast bread into the mix). It wasn't the dream come true lusciousness that I wanted it to be. It was average, but worth another try with more butter and garlic.

These Self-Frosting Nutella Cupcakes were good. I think I overbaked them a smidge because they were a tiny bit dry. My husband asked me to make some frosting so I whipped (literally) up some chocolate buttercream which made it all worthwhile. My kids didn't eat them, but then I didn't offer them any. Kate helped me bake them and after her first taste of Nutella asked, "Is mutella a fruit?"

Oh, and when I printed the recipe from Feisty Cook, I didn't see a "print recipe" button and it printed So beware.

These Fudge Drops were really, really good. I don't have espresso powder but went ahead anyway and didn't notice anything amiss.

Oh, and these Cake Batter Blondies were D.lish.ous. I could go mix some up right now and eat the batter but I'm going to show Sam my legendary Tetris skills. It's nice to be admired for something.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Aging in a Day

Awhile back I found this post about weathering a board for projects. I've been wanting to try it and I did try it awhile back but used brown as my first coat and it didn't work as well; when I checked out some actual aged wood I noticed it is grayish where the paint has worn away.

So, when Craig and I actually got our act together to put up a shelf in the bathroom (it's not up yet, but the shelf board is almost ready), I thought, this treatment is perfect to try.

First I used gray paint:

I'm pretty sure it's Behr paint from Home Depot but apparently we keep it in plastic food storage containers. It might be called Fforde Abbey. Or not, since it didn't show up when I searched.

So that was my first coat.

For my next coat, I grabbed an unlabeled paint can that I thought was whiter but was kind of cream; it turned out just fine anyway.

I wanted the board to be blue but the little sample bottle I thought was blue turned out to be brown and that is not what I wanted. So I pulled out this:

which has been lurking in the basement for six years.

Yes, you heard me right. 6 years. We have a random can of red paint that hasn't been used for years.

In between layers, after the gray layer and then after the white layer, I used a votive candle to rub wax on the edges and corners and some on the board itself. I did one layer each of gray and white and two of the red (it was flat paint but that wasn't a conscious choice, I just used what was here).

Then I sanded it with some sandpaper, grit unknown. Less gritty than the grittier brown sandpaper, the one I used was purple. I concentrated on the corners and edges but pretty much just sanded all over.

So pleased with the result:

How cool is that?

We're going to seal it with some kind of stain and then install it sometime in the future. But you know us. Don't hold your breath. Just marvel at how it went from a new board to "looking like it came from the dock" (Craig's words) in a day.