Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pumpkin Harvest

I saw this pattern in the Keepsake Quilting catalog and thought it would be great to get and make adorable fabric pumpkins.

Then last week, this was posted at the Craft Catwalk at Embellishing Life. Or maybe One Pretty Thing. Or maybe Stumble. I can't find where I found it. But this is the tutorial I used to make these:

It's kind of addictive. I want to make a few more with that mustardy paisley fabric but I was playing around with sizes before I cut up any more of it.

You know, because when you keep a half yard of fabric for 4 years and don't do anything with it, it's important to hang onto it a little longer.

Another fun thing I've been doing instead of folding laundry is printing labels from the interwebs and modge-podging them on jars. I saw a jar on a stand at TJ Maxx with a "essence of bat breath" label on it. Cute, I thought, but I can get this $2 jar and do my own. None of these jars below is the $2 jar because once I started finding labels, I decided to do a whole apothecary shelf.

Here are sites where I found labels:

Amazon (OK, not a graphic, but I right clicked and printed)

And there's another one but I'd have to get up to try to find it. I'll add it if I can find it. It's where I got that little read and white one that says "deadly nightshade."

Basically I just googled "vintage labels," "potion labels," "poison labels," etc.

I can't wait to make more. I'm going to paint the lids black and fill them with random things, probably not edible stuff because I think the labels will come off. I might try to seal them or something. or not. I might find a new thing to obsess over.


  1. i love the labels. so so cool!!!

  2. Where do you keep all the fabulous things you make? And how is your house not cluttered? I am in awe.