Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Stuff

I've been clearing a lot of junk out of my house which is leaving more room for me to add new stuff. I think ultimately I'm ending up with less stuff or at least things I really like as opposed to lots of stuff that is driving me nuts.

Anyway. Here's the apothecary shelf now:

I used flat black spray paint on the lids. I also used the black paint on this cake stand and love how it turned out (you can kind of see it, the 'earthworms' jar is on it).

And a wreath I made after my sister showed me this picture (the black ribbon one, #7)(oh my gosh I just noticed there's a link for the tutorial. Going to read it now):

OK, looks like the original came from here.

No, I didn't make a tutorial. Because all I did was tie a bunch of ribbon on a wire wreath frame I found at AC Moore. I cut the ribbon to 6" but if I do it again I'll cut it longer and make square knots. So basically I did it nothing like the original, since I used three colors, a wire frame, and only did one crossover on my knots to give it a random look. I guess this was more inspiring, but she used fabric.

I did get black and orange ribbon to make a Halloween one so maybe that'll happen and I'll take a picture.

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