Friday, September 9, 2011

In Other News

::I've been reading Marley and Me. It is significantly better than the popularity of the book and movie led me to believe. But it was at the used bookstore so I picked it up. It's very well written, funny, and moving. And I cried so very much at the end.

::I made a little scrapbook/guest book for my in-laws' 40th anniversary and remembered how much I love to scrap. I haven't scrapped in awhile . . . last year I had a couple friends who'd come over and scrap on Friday mornings; we were pretty regular through the fall but we slacked off in the spring. Since I have a job, we might do afternoons . . . but I think it's important to my mental health to set aside some time to scrap.

::I bought three new OPI nail colors. I don't know which to use first. Light my Sapphire, Overexposed in South Beach (Kate's pick), and . . . something about black cherry.

::I sold Kate's toddler bed on Craigslist for $40. It's the first time Craigslist was good to me.

::Sam was sick on the third day of school and had to come home early. I hope it's not a sign of how this year will go.

::I cleaned out my car. I vacuumed beach sand off the floor and pulled snow boots from under the seat. Maybe I should try to clean it out on a more regular basis.

::My left wrist, which got the steroid shot, feels significantly better than the right wrist, which did not. Thanks to a vasovagal reaction, I have to wait a few weeks to have the right one done.

::The brochure for Merrimack continuing education lists two blog-writing courses. One was about planning the focus for your blog and storytelling in about 400 words. It made me think: people think these things through? Then I threw the brochure away.


  1. Love your list! I wish I could've bought your toddler bed :)

  2. I sold my car on craig's list a couple years ago, and my sister buys things on there all the time to re purpose.

    I love all the OPI names. My current favorite is Diva of Geneva.