Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Before You Even Ask

Last week at this time I wasn't looking for a job. Today I got a part-time gig.

It's one hour a day, five days a week, working in-home with a child diagnosed with autism. I did this for two years before I had Sam. While I don't know if I could ever go back to a classroom to teach (what with the hours, the parents, the administrative issues, and the planning and correcting), this is something I can do again. Especially these hours. Morning kindergarten is 2. 5 hours; Target is not hiring people for two hours a day.

In fact, if I was looking for a job to pay the bills or keep us solvent, I wouldn't look twice a job offering only 5 hours. I imagine it's hard to fill a position offering only 5 hours. And trying to find a job that offers only 5 hours . . . well, no one does that. They look at you like you're crazy if you ask to work one hour a day (I guess).

So. I wasn't looking. I didn't know that option was out there. Craig's cousin (and my friend) has kept in touch with Building Blocks and was telling me last week about a possible placement they called her about and would need someone to watch her youngest if she took it. That ended up not working out, but later that day she e-mailed me the link for an ABA/Floortime specialist position in my town.

So, I worked on my resume (with some non-help from my husband) and sent it over the holiday weekend. They called yesterday and said they wanted someone to work in the morning; I went in this morning to formalize it. I keep saying that they are as excited to find me as I am to find them. It's really perfect for me . . . fits right in to my "free" hours, no outside prep or anything, something I'm pretty familiar with and confident doing, and (dare I say?) easy. Even if it's difficult, it's over in an hour. Building Blocks did 2 or 2.5 hour sessions. And for them, I have exactly the experience and availability they were looking for.

I thought we'd make it through this year, with Kate in morning kindergarten, and then next school year I'd (hopefully) be able to work as a substitute. I've had a sort of unformed prayer for the last few months: "Please Lord. Let us catch a break somewhere. Give us some relief from this seemingly never-ending financial tension." I assumed the answer would be that Craig's work would pick up and his commission checks would go up.

But this answer . . . I so thankful for all the pieces that were in place for this opportunity to work out for us. Thankful for a Father who loves me and knows how to give good things; who knows what we need before we ask (oh, read it in this version).

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  1. So amazing how He answer sometimes before we can even ask! Congrats--hope you love it!