Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Things I Never Heard in Fundamentalism, Part 2

From Daring to Draw Near: "Perhaps we should . . . [concern] ourselves less with the form prayer takes than with the attitudes underlying the form."

This quote is from the "David" chapter. White says prayer here, but as the chapter goes on he is talking more about worship.

"There is [no] evidence that the disinhibited praise (David's dancing while the ark was being brought back to Jerusalem) offended God. It might not have been compatible with some people's ideas of dignity, but who should be concerned with our dignity before the Most High? It is God's dignity that matters. And God's dignity consists in his innate worth and majesty, not in his capacity to disguise his deepest emotions. The dignity that can only be maintained by always concealing what I feel is not dignity. It is known as being a stuffed shirt. We were not made in the image of a Stuffed Shirt."

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