Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Job

I think I told you about one of my on-campus jobs, the Art Gallery. I had another job one year, at the "child development center." That's a story for another day. While I got to be an unemployed, not-scrambling-to-pay-my-school-bill prima donna during the school year, during the summers I worked a variety of jobs.

I worked at McDonald's in high school, and then I got a job in the men's department at Sears; whatever other jobs came and went the Sears one I worked on and off until I graduated and moved to Bloomsburg to teach.

The summer after my freshman year I worked at EDS; a friend of my parents suggested the job. First I interviewed for a sales position but I wasn't aggressive enough and ended up as a "independent third party verifier" for people switching long distance. (How totally does that date me? Remember switching long distance to get a better deal? Oh, this company offers 4 cents a minute! After 5 PM! or 7, I can't remember. What a waste of time and energy. We should have just skipped ahead to now when we just use the computer to interact to people; now if there's an awkward silence, we can walk away until we think of something clever, witty, or insincere to say. My husband just said he doesn't think long-distance carriers exist anymore.)

I read a script of questions when my phone rang and occasionally people freaked out even though I had no interest in whether they switched or not. Towards the end of the summer, the work really slowed down and I was "let go" a week before I planned to leave.

The weird thing was (well, not weird if you know my parents) is I rode over there (across the river) with the guy from the church who recommended the job. Kevin. He talked a lot and I wished to be anywhere else. I was in love with John-John and didn't know he'd broken up with me before I left to come home for the summer. I waited every day for him to write to me (again with the ancient history references! All through college we [my friends and I] wrote letters. Some were works of art, collages from magazines interspersed with self-centered ramblings and earnest but misguided lamentations on the difficulty of following [or finding] God's will, and occasional drawings or even pictures, if we'd remembered to get double prints [because yes, our cameras used film.]) but he only wrote once, at the end of the summer, and put a cowrie shell necklace in an envelope and that's when I knew he didn't love me because the necklace was broken and also ugly.

Since I rode with the guy I got there an hour before I had to be there so I sat in the cafeteria and read David Copperfield. It was awful but I kept slogging through and kept track in my journal of how many pages I read a day.

I thought about becoming a vegetarian and I think I taught Sunday School at my parents' church. My parents wouldn't let me go to Washington DC for July Fourth even though Kelly and Greg and probably a few other really cool people were going to be there. I was very depressed (not just about that but the whole summer, which I can see now but at the time I'm sure I thought I wasn't being holy enough) but I made money. Between EDS and Sears it was enough to make it possible for me to not work while at school. Which freed up a lot of time for cheerleading and flirting.

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  1. ha ha, reflecting on college years always cracks me up! But don't forget your favorite summer job at MVBC!