Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I and Love and You

Kate: "The guy in the song says, 'three words became hard to say, I and love and you,' but those aren't hard to say: I and love and you. See?"

So I try to explain it to her: they're easy to say when you love someone and if you stop loving someone they become hard to say.

But, I add, I love you and always will. You can't do anything to make me stop loving you. And God loves you. And you can't do anything (ever) to make God stop loving you.

Oh, but baby girl. I hope that you never find yourself where you think I and love and you are hard to say to someone. Or that you are not the one being told they're too hard to say to you and your beautiful, trusting heart is broken. I pray that you grow up loving and respecting yourself so your heart doesn't break but maybe is hurt for awhile and recovers. That you are secure enough to wait for life and time and God to bring you the right one and you can say I and love and you directly and wholly and without reservations and for the right reasons and for ever.


  1. beautiful. - Erin Helgerson

  2. Yes - beautiful!

    ~ Heather

  3. The cover of that album made me giggle, but not your post, no worries! So true.
    Oh and thankful you have no captcha on your blog comments so it doesn't take forever to make a comment. Thanks also for being my most faithful blog commenter!