Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big House

My kids are at "Camp Kids Way" this week and loving it. We got a CD with some of the songs that they are singing there and one of the tracks is labeled "bonus" and is called Big House (OK, on that link it's the second song). Sam requested it on the way home today.

Every once in awhile, I'm caught off guard with a reminder that God loves me. I was driving along, listening to this song, and I got choked up. As in, crying. With joy.

It's a big, big house
With lots and lots of room
A big, big table
With lots and lots of food

We are all welcome 'cause there's plenty of room. I don't have to wear certain clothes, act a certain way, read certain versions of the Bible, follow institutionally-sanctioned sanctification or extra-biblical standards. God loves us the way we are. He sent His Son while we were still sinners. He knows our weaknesses. And He loves us.


Come and go with me to my Father's house.

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