Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big House

My kids are at "Camp Kids Way" this week and loving it. We got a CD with some of the songs that they are singing there and one of the tracks is labeled "bonus" and is called Big House (OK, on that link it's the second song). Sam requested it on the way home today.

Every once in awhile, I'm caught off guard with a reminder that God loves me. I was driving along, listening to this song, and I got choked up. As in, crying. With joy.

It's a big, big house
With lots and lots of room
A big, big table
With lots and lots of food

We are all welcome 'cause there's plenty of room. I don't have to wear certain clothes, act a certain way, read certain versions of the Bible, follow institutionally-sanctioned sanctification or extra-biblical standards. God loves us the way we are. He sent His Son while we were still sinners. He knows our weaknesses. And He loves us.


Come and go with me to my Father's house.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Let me tell you, getting to snuggle my tiny new niece was fantastic. She is a sweet, calm little thing and so adorable. I don't have pictures (yet) because I didn't take my camera but I will share when my sister sends the ones she took. I got to play with Belle and marvel how quickly the time has passed since I was down visiting after she was born.

Last night I was washing dishes at my in-laws' camp, gazing out at the lake, and saw a pair of loons. This was surprising enough since we haven't seen the loons very much this year and not two of them together, when I noticed another tiny little wake next to the two bigger wakes of the floating loons. I stopped what I was doing and found the binoculars - there was a baby there!

We haven't had a baby loon here for years. The last time there was an egg, I was pregnant, and that egg didn't hatch. These loons must have a different nesting place than the one we could see from our camp all those years ago. Baby loons are fuzzy little puffballs and sometimes one of the parents will carry the baby on its back. It's really cute. I hope to get a good picture and I'll share with you when I do.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Gone to Carolina

But not in my mind.

Fo' realz, yo.

I'm going to visit my sister and my new neice.

So I'll be MIA for awhile.

Just wanted you to know there's a reason and it's not just one of those random times I don't feel like blogging so I don't.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I found it

Good news!

I found the "before" picture of my dresser. It was in the "Kate dentist" file, an obvious place for it to be (right?). I was going through the pictures, deleting ones I don't need or won't print and realized entirely too many albums are named "random" or some variation on that. I need a better system. Currently my system has been to take fewer pictures. Fewer pictures, less to organize. And less to scrap (since I'm so far behind anyway).

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer School

So, one summer (I think the summer after my freshman year), I stayed in Greenville for two weeks because my cousin (there's no page for her so that's her husband) was getting married two weeks after school and my parents weren't going to drive down to get me and drive home and then drive down again in two weeks. Neither were they going to pay to fly me home, so instead of staying with my grandmother or aunt (she's the fourth one down) and uncle for those two weeks, I infringed on my relatively new friendship with Jan and stayed with her family.

She might have been in summer school, or at least some people we knew were in summer school, so we went to have lunch with them. When we came out from lunch, the air looked weird. Like we needed to clean off our eyes or our glasses were foggy or something.

Later we found out there had been a partial solar eclipse and that's why it looked weird.

(Yep, that's it. A completely random story about thinking we needed to windex our eyeballs because no one watched the news. Not that the summer school students in the dorms would have had a chance to, anyway. My point is, it wasn't all bad. I made some great friends and some funny memories, and while now I wish I could reach back through time and shake the then-me out of her clueless kool-aid coma, I can also happily accept everything that went before as making me who I am today. Whether it makes me cringe or laugh or sigh, it's from a gracious Father's hand.)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summertime . . .

and the livin' is easy . . .