Friday, June 10, 2011

Painting Glass

I forget where I saw this idea. It might have been Just a Girl or someone like that. (It kind of stated with this, the idea of gluing two things together and painting them, but I really can't find the source of the original idea). I thought I'd try it out; I could use some better spray painting skillz anyway.

When I went to the local Salvation Army and got really skeeved out and frustrated with wasting my time when I couldn't find anything. I zipped into the SalVal in Harrisburg in April and found some plates and candlesticks to use to make little cake stands, or cupcake stands, or whatever you want to call them.

So I googled "painting glass" (or something) and found this article. Then, I got my supplies, waited for a decent day when I had time to spray paint, and took a picture for you:

I glued my candlesticks on the plates. Then I started painting and noticed they were not centered.

First coat of primer (or paint. I can't remember):

Finished product, also featured in the pie bird post.

The short one ended up in the bathroom with a bar of soap on it and the soap pulled off some of the paint. So, so much for that . . . at least I went into it thinking this was an experiment to see how it would go.

My friend Melissa just did a post along these lines; check out her creations.


  1. Aw too bad the soap pulled off the paint because this is really cute! I wonder if the sell something that you could spray over the paint that would keep it from doing that. At least you know a cupcake won't do that so you can still use them! :) Very cute!

  2. very cool. They do sell a spray sealant that is clear that would help seal in the color. This has been on my list to make for a while but haven't found the right plates yet :)