Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Can't Find the Before Picture

I know I took a before picture because I took it really long ago - like, in January. When I first decided I wanted to paint these. But I can't find it.

So here's the after and as a consolation prize, a few other pics of our bedroom.

My dresser. I chose this shot to post because in all the others you could see, reflected in the mirror just to the left of the dresser, the laundry basket I moved so it was out of the picture.

We also painted the mirror but didn't sand it so when I tried to wipe off the watered-down paint for a "weathered" look it just smeared off so I had to slap more on and let it all dry. The dressers got two coats of an antique-y white and then a "rub" of watered down wall color. Also we got new hardware, which you can't compare to what was there due to no before shot.

Window I found at an antique store. I love it. Craig wants me to fill in the windows with maps and photos and maybe I'll get to it but it's not on the list. His main problem is that you can see the wire used to hang it but I say, you can't, because the wire is almost the color of the wall. Also I think it looks cool as is.

Shelf high up on the wall. Just recenlty my mother-in-law got me the dark stars (I thought they were blue [this room is supposed to be red, white, and blue, with emphasis on the blue and white] but I think they're black) and the wooden star; the bottles Craig found while diving in the lake. I'm slowly filling this in; I want and Americana/cottagey look but ahve trouble focusing.

Craig's dresser. I debated not moving the piles of clothes he keeps on the floor in front of it but in the end photo styling won over reality.

There you have it. Another New Year's goal met.

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  1. So nice Sarah! I had to laugh about Craig's piles because this is an ongoing battle with Ben and I too...I can't stand the piles!! :)