Thursday, June 16, 2011

Funky Junk Inspired

'Member how I told you I'd done a project inspired by Funky Junk? Well, I finally took a picture for you.

It hangs in the stairwell to our basement so it's impossible to take a picture with natural light there. I have little clothespins (from A. C. Moore) that hold Sam and Kate's artowrk onto the jute (not sisal) twine (from Home Depot).

Oh wait! I took pictures. (Lemme find 'em. They're really lame. Here's one.) I got the frame at Building 19 for $10; it's just the frame, no glass or art or anything. Then I used some watered down paint to paint it (two coats). I used thumb tacks to hold the twine in place.

Then it was propped up on the ledge there for what, 2 months? Until Saturday, when I hung it (I used a level!) and took that first picture. I love that there's a dedicated place to put lots of their creations.

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