Saturday, June 11, 2011

Frugal Pajamas

Kate had this adorable pj set from Carter's that she cut the leg of one morning when she was supposed to be watching TV and letting me snooze)(by "morning" I mean 6:15 AM or so). I kept them around for awhile, trying to think of how to fix them or maybe cut them off (but short pants with long shirt bothered me).

Then it came to me: I'll cut the sleeves off, too. She needs shorty 'jamas anyway.

First I cut the sleeves off. Then I pulled them a little to curl them up (below, the right sleeve is pulled and the left sleeve is not)(I know, I'm so proud of myself for my detailed process pics).

Up close shot of scissor damage (somehow there's tulle involved):

Cut off as straight as possible:

I was going to sew a straight line and let them fray but the silky stuff was fraying too easily so I folded a little hem and sewed it with a zig zag stitch. Then I finished taking pictures in my poorly-lit basement (which has recently gotten brighter light bulbs; it's like a whole new room).

And here they are: she'll be able to wear them all summer now.