Monday, June 20, 2011

Desk Re-do

I woke up early on Saturday (two weeks ago) with a migraine, took a fioricet, and went back to sleep. I woke up again at 10 (do I have a great husband or what?) and Craig took Sam to soccer while I stayed home with Kate. Browsing through the Merrimack Journal, I noticed the Boy Scouts were having a yard sale and decided to go.

I found this treasure:

I offered the guy $10 for it and when I had twenties and $9 in my pocket, he said $9 was fine. Two boy scouts (who expressed astonishment that anyone wanted the old desk) loaded it into my car and I giddily drove home. My sister-in-law had redone one awhile back so I knew this had possibilities.

After church the next day, we hit the Home Depot Store for supplies:

I am so glad my husband wanted to help me, because he took the top of the desk off and filled it in for me.

We had our chalkboard paint tinted "moonstone" and used that on the desk top.

Sanded and ready to go:

While Craig made another trip to Home Depot, I taped up the wooden parts so we could spray paint. Starting with the primer:

Our top coat had a "hammered" finish and we were both really pleased with it. I would have loved it if we could have sanded and stained the wood, but the desk top was pretty ravaged so we went with paint. The seat was painted Martha Stewart Living Wrought Iron (I just randomly selected this color because it looked dark blue and there were those eeny little 3 oz samples available). (Looking back through, I see the paint sample we got says "glidden" but the paint chip I selected says it's a Martha Stewart paint. Not sure why that is.)

So our afternoon pretty much went paint, let it dry, paint, wait, paint, sand, paint something else, paint again too soon, decide to wait and then paint some more. The chalkboard paint took several coats and it didn't help that I was using the good brush. Once I finished and let Craig have it, it went better, and we noticed over the next day or so that it seemed to smooth out some.

It's in Sam's room and he stashes some of his stuff in it.

I totally cleaned up the room to take the pictures - it's actually kind of funny because there's always something on the floor in there . . . but you know me and staging.

So far he's written in his journal twice, all on his own. He's quite pleased with it.


  1. it came out awesome! Love the colors you choose. And great price too.
    And very cute that Sam has a journal! so special.

  2. Nicely done! It looks great. Thanks for sharing!