Friday, June 24, 2011

Big Day

Tomorrow's the big day.

Craig's cousin is getting married.

So it's a big day for the cousin and the cousin's fiance.

But it's the "big day" for me because it was this wedding coming that motivated me to want to lose weight. I think everyone in Craig's family has been exercising and weight watching and all of that.

It was weird for me to think that this was the day I was working for because the exercise/fitness thing has become such a part of my life I kind of forgot why I started. I feel a little bit of "where do I go from here," with the answer being I'll probably just keep going.

I didn't lose any weight that I can tell. I definitely reshaped by body; I have muscles on my arms and legs and have a waist, but I also still have a belly pooch and booty that I guess I will always have. I have pants that are too big but lots of pants that are still too small.

I don't feel disappointed that I didn't lose weight (OK, maybe I'm a teeny bit sad because having a number to say would make my improvements seem more tangible) because I feel like the gains of how fit and strong I feel, the improvement in my mood and outlook, and the community of fun women I've met when I go to a class are an unexpected and better bonus than just having a number to say.

Best wishes to the bride and groom on your big day . . . I did my best to not look horrible in pictures.

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