Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bad Kitty

This was the plan:

Picture is from bakerella.

Obvi. I mean, when have I had a picture that good?

I wanted to make these for Kate to take to school to celebrate her birthday before school got out for the year. Of course, I thought about this a lot more than I acted on it and waited until there were only 2 days left in her school year to make my move.

The basic steps are easy (just reading through it now, I see I didn't use enough frosting. I used 1/3 cup which I imagine I read somewhere; also hers are tiny (!!) - quarter sized. I used my middle-sized Pampered Chef scoop.

I chilled them for almost two hours and started attaching ears.

So far, so good.

Then I started dipping and carnage ensued.

They fell off the sticks and broke into pieces. It was discouraging.

Here you see my main problem: they were cracking (that'd be the not enough icing at work).

I was ready to quit but thought, I'll see how they finish off and then decide if I'll keep going or not.

I got out the food markers I'd gotten that morning at A. C. Moore.

sigh. This was not meant to be.

So not only is the marker not black, it didn't work right. I'll have to click on Bakerella's link to see what markers she uses. But the nose and the bow turned out cute, huh?

So I let Kate go crazy with the embellishments. I showed her how to use the melted candy melts as "glue" and she had a ball.

Last night I was finished forever with cake pops shaped like cats. Today, I'm actually thinking of trying again someday . . .


  1. That you did it makes you best mom ever in my book!

  2. wow, so much work! They are super cute and you do win the mom of the year award for making them. Love the title of this post, it made me laugh.