Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Quilt

This quilt is for my sister's baby (due any day now).

(yes, that's Kate in a bathing suit and Rapunzel hair to the side . . . I forgot I had to crop this.)

This fabric is called Fresh Cut by Heather Bailey (it's discontinued, boo hoo). I was at a fabric sale thing and fell in love with it - so gorgeous and unlike anything else I've used. When I went to pay all the fat quarters were half off - even better!

I made up a pattern because I was so eager to get going. Then I had to add fabric to some edges to make it even. In the future I'm going to (perhaps) begin with an end in mind.

I made some burp cloths, too, with some of the extra fabric.

Now all we we need is the baby!


  1. absolutely gorgeous. you outdid yourself on this one. I LOVE it. The fabric is great, Heather Bailey's Pop Garden is my fav fabric line of all times, but this one is pretty sweet too. She has some great stuff.

    Hope the baby comes soon!

  2. Baby Sweetheart will love it. I know I do.