Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why I Blog

Stumbling around the web, I found a website where the girl described her blog as a "sometimes" blog* - sometimes it's about life, sometimes about crafting, sometimes about cooking and I thought that's what I do on my blog. It was either that blog or another one where she had a page titled "why I blog." I can't seem to find this (or these) blog(s) but take my word for it, there was a source of inspiration for the following thoughts.

*I thought she was going to say because "sometimes" she blogged and sometimes she didn't, which would also about sum up what's going on here.

I'd been pondering why I blog. I thought (and still do) that the word blog sounds like retching. I thought that blogs were just self-centered ramblings with no point other than to waste time. Then I started reading some MckMama; at the same time Julie and Julia came out and one night thought, if I started a blog I'd call it food and whine and write about trying to feed my children real food.

I didn't do any research, read any blogs, or even really think about it that much. I just started in writing.

I found I liked writing, and as my sister said, it was a good outlet.

I thought it would be easier to get readers and then (of course) a huge following and then (of course) advertisers wanting to pay me to ramble incoherently and then (of course) a book and/or movie.

I imagined it would take 3 months, tops.

Once I started I realized how much time it took MckMama to post every day or Big Mama to put together the Fashion Fridays.

And then I found craft blogs. And craft memes (or linky parties or whatever you want to call them). And it began to dawn on me that there were a lot of blogs out there, some good, some really good, some borderline lame, some really little like mine, some with great writing, some with awful writing . . . but lots and lots of blogs. Lots. There's a whole other world of blogging. I'm not sure I'm up for it.

Some days I feel like writing. Some days I don't. Sometimes I take pictures for a project that doesn't work so the next time I do a project I don't take pictures and it works great and I semi-wish I had process pictures.

So. Having talked in a big circle, I arrive at the place I started. Why do I blog? I don't know. But now I have a post for a "why I blog" button.

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