Monday, May 30, 2011

Thoughts from the weekend

:: Letting Craig draw rabbits on Kate's sheet quilt might not have been such a good idea.

:: I'm going to need cortisone shots.

:: If the garment has a hood, the hood should be up.

:: The Barbie fishing rod is preferred because the fish is purple and sparkly.

:: We are in big trouble.

:: I love my kids. And my camera.

:: Ethan was having a good time.

:: I do not know what I was thinking with this shot. Maybe checking the light? Or maybe this is when I gave it to Craig.

:: Sam is learning to play real cribbage (not "kids' cribbage" which is based on adding). He won his first game vs. Nana today. I grabbed the camera and took about 8 shots before I realized they were overexposed.

:: My family needs more training in holding still, waiting, and staying out of the frame (if not the subject of the picture) while I play with lighting, composition, and focus. I didn't even get to try Sam in focus and cribbage board out of focus. sigh.


  1. Even though I love Sam with all my heart... it's still a cribbage game and I still want to win... :)

  2. great pics! it was such a good weekend. And nice to talk and catch up :)