Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This post has a lot of pictures

And while there's a lot of pictures in this post, it's not even half the ones I took (or tried to take).

I thought Easter would be a great time to get a picture of my kids together. Dressed up, nice day . . . I had high hopes for a good shot.

Close, but no. After several attempts along this line, we had a mini egg hunt and I tried a close up, arms around each other.

OK, not so much.

After church, around the side of my parents' house:

I knew he had chocolate all over his face. I just thought he was so cute anyway.

How about me with the kids?

Thanks, Kate.

One more try with the two of them in their church clothes:

The main thing wrong with this is that gross fence.

Now we'll try after the egg hunt . . . they'll be in a good mood then, right?

Anyway. I wasn't ready to give up yet. A few days later we went down to the Pennsylvania Governor's Residence, where my mom is a docent. While we waited, I thought, how about some shots against this cool brick wall?

Not too bad.

Not sure what's up with that pose.

The thing is, they don't want to stand or pose or whatever while I play with camera settings and angles and all that. Sam is good for smiling great in the first few shots but then gets tired of it; by the time Kate is looking and smiling he's done.

I really like this one.

How about me with the kids again?

"Dad, was Kate looking?"

"Oh yes, I wait for her to look and then I snap it."

(He gives me the camera.)

"Dad, she's not looking."

Very sunny so Kate's squinting, but I really like it . . . I even like how I look in it.

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  1. Love the pictures!! You may not think some of them are great shots, but in years to come you will look back at these and chuckle at the personalities that come through. Also love Kate "picking".... I have one with all the grands with her doing that also!!! Soooo Kate!
    They looked so beautiful all decked out!