Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sarah versus the Laundry

I have a bunch of pictures on the camera that I need to put on the computer and then organize into a post. Or, like 8 posts. I just haven't been feelin' the blog lately.

The dressers are painted and I keep waiting for a sunny day that coincides with a day when there's not clean laundry all over the bed or dirty laundry all over the floor to take a picture and post. I also picked up a window that is now hanging over the bed so there's that to show you, too. The laundry just won't quit, or, if the room is approaching clean, it's overcast.

It occurred to me today that it's a lot like "Leiningan versus the Ants" here: Sarah versus the Laundry. Or, more accurately, as I gaze around the living/dining room, Sarah versus the Clutter. I keep thinking if I can just get a system for this clutter, I could keep it under control. Almost every other area of housekeeping has a system, whether I follow it or not, but the clutter . . . the papers from school and the craft supplies (they have a home but they overflow) and the costumes and the stuff that just won't go away . . .

The Fly Lady calls it putting out the fires. I just have slacked on that while plowing through laundry, I guess. I should set up a plan for tomorrow: wake up, coffee, pack lunch; get Sam up, dressed, fed, and out the door; put out brush fires; go to used book store; make more piles of clutter; catch up on laundry (it will have mulitplied while I was out); exercise. Oh, and somewhere in there have some quiet time, empty the dishwasher, play with Kate, and make dinner. That should leave just enough free time to start a new quilt.

And dig a big ditch for the ants to drown in.

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