Friday, May 20, 2011

Of course I didn't

I can't believe I went to Market Basket this morning, bought a lunchable for Sam, and then took it to the school for him to have a lunch.

I mean, of course I didn't.

Because I believe that eating whole foods, minimally processed, is the healthiest way to eat.

Because I would be prepared for an entire week of packing lunches, even if it was pb&j (all-natural peanut butter that only contains peanuts, less sugar jelly, and whole grain bread) with banana in it.

Because I wouldn't try to talk him into buying the school lunch of pizza even though he no longer eats the school pizza (sometimes it has too much sauce and sometimes too much cheese, according to him).

Because I wouldn't let him have a lunchable in the first place (right?) so that he decided he likes them and requests them for the days he's not buying.

Because I saw Food, Inc., and am looking to locally source all our food or just move out rural and grow it ourselves.

Of course I didn't do that. I just imagined I did, right?

1 comment:

  1. Love all your labels on this one!! haha!

    Ok, so I heard they are putting in a Lindt store (factory?) somewhere close. I was so annoyed! Like we need another candy store around! We already have 52 Swans chocs! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE dark chocolate, but instead of a Lindt factory, can't they put in a cute little farmers market?