Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

:: to my mother, whose commitment to being a godly wife and mother through the years still amazes me.

::to my sister, for whom I'm praying "baby sweetheart" lets you get some rest and stays put to 36 weeks (at the least) or maybe June 1 (since you so don't want another May event).

::to the women who "mothered" me through my teaching years, providing comfort and solace and a glimpse of grace in the torrents of ungrace that define those years.

::to the women I knew as girls who are now mothers themselves; who are loving, creative, and inspiring in ways I could not have imagined back when we were young and spent a lot of time complaining about our own mothers.

::to the mothers whose Mother's Day is one (or two, or more) hug short of complete; and yet who love on, knowing these absent babies are with the only One who will ever love them more.

::to the not-yet mothers who are waiting for God's timing or direction, may your arms and hearts overflow.

::to my mother's helpers who take care of my children and let me get out to run errands or have night out.

::to all the mothers in my life, older and younger, the ones I see frequently and the ones I see rarely, the ones I'd like to see more often, the ones I've just met, and the ones who may not know it but have encouraged me: thank you for sharing your hearts, your time, the blessing of your company and your book recommendations; and for allowing me to know and love your children.

::to my mother friends who do it (all) every day and make it look good.

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