Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Craig Liked It"

For awhile, I marked my recipes the way my mom did, with the date and a check mark, or check plus, or check plus plus. Then I realized I owned these books or that it was a page ripped from a magazine or something photocopied and who cared what I wrote on it?

So I started writing more descriptive things like, "really good" or "super yummy" or "dry/don't try again." I also write what changes I made or what changes I want to try the next time.

Tonight's recipe had "Craig liked it" written by it. This concerned me a little as that usually means I didn't like it.

But I soldiered on anyway, burning the bacon on the first go-round yesterday (due to starting too close to the time I need to meet the bus and not paying attention) and deciding to do something different last night and put the beef carbonnade* together to have tonight.

It turned out great. I put the beer in right before putting it in the oven tonight and for the last 20 minutes I threw in some carrots (not part of the recipe); they were a nice addition.

The kids didn't eat it but at the same time our whine production is greatly reduced. They ate the noodles and a little bit of beef and overall it was a success because no one cried.

*This recipe is slightly different from the one I used from Cooking Light 5-Star Recipes; mine said to cook in the oven for 2 hrs and 45 min.

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  1. mmm sounds good! I get in such a rut with my cooking!!