Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sally's got a blog!

Well, I found the camera. On the bottom shelf of the former-train-table-now-Lego table, on the back side, near the window, not where one could see it when walking in the door.

That is not one of my usual places to put it. I was taking pictures of Legos for a post and forgot that I had been doing so.

I think maybe the lead paint had addled my brain (that's another project I want to post).

Anyway. I was going to post pictures of Kate's new quilt (gorgeous, you'll want to protect your keyboard from the drool) but the camera battery died. I'm charging it now and will upload them later*.

Last fall (to change subjects sans transition), I was invited to do a study with my mentor/friend (she's got a new merea so now we're just friends and I can't tell you how abundantly blessed I am to have her in my life; I'm a little embarrassed to go on about her because I know she'll read this but she's been so amazingly kind and giving and God has really used her to encourage, inspire, and motivate me). We read The Ministry of Motherhood and it was very good. We did feel like she painted a super-rosy picture of her children, especially the one who was like 8 in the book and talked like a 24-yr-old grad student but overall, a blessing.

Just today, this link was posted on facebook:

First time obedience, really?

It's a little long and the comments are even longer; I didn't read all the comments. I struggle with the mothering thing; I like results that I can see. And there's not instant results with this. We have good days and bad days. I see progress and regression. We get something under control and something else comes up. They both can be so needy at the same time and then they can play wonderfully for whole 10-minute segments at a time.

But this post let me take a deep breath and trust that God has it all in HIS hands. He's made my children unique and exactly the way he wants them, and He's made me (you guessed it) unique and exactly the way He wants me. Besides the good/bad day balance, the clean/dirty house balance, (etc., etc.) there's also the balance of me grabbing control and then releasing it to God, who never let it out of His hands anyway.

Since not sure where I'm going with this, here's a list of a few things that stood out to me on my first reading:

1. There is no formula (I mean, I know this, but that doesn't stop me from looking). I want formulas. I want to do steps 1, 2, and maybe 3 and have my kids eat the right quantity of appropriate food. I want to mix the right steps and have a clean house all.the.time. And certainly there's got to be a formula where I end up with compliant children who don't get on my nerves even if I'm tired.

2. I like her gracious writing style. I like her reminders to understand my children's developmental stages and their limits. If my expectations are not age-appropriate, I'm going to drive myself crazy punishing them for something they're not capable of doing.

3. She had a blog? I love it. I'm going to have to toss out my to-do list and read it while Kate tears the house apart and my arms fall asleep.

4. Yay! Heartfelt Discipline will be back in print this summer!

Well, my wrists hurt. I have carpal tunnel syndrome. I feel like it's a super un-trendy thing to have, like it was the thing to have in the late-80's (Craig pointed out that that was the start of personal computers and everyone had to learn how to use them ergonomically so that's why, in my mind, CTS is linked with that time period) and now the trendy medical issue is a concussion.

Not that I want one of those.

The physical therapist told me to look up online about correct posture/etc. when on the computer. You mean slouched on the couch is not good for me?

The point of these last paragraphs is, I want to wrap this up with some pithy, clever statement, but it's not coming to me and my train of thought keeps being interrupted by the "mother polar bear/panda bear (kind of creature that buries the mama/breaks the nest)" A.K.A. Kate, who is hatching an egg (I think) and now my writst hurt so I have to stop.

*are you keeping track? That's three (3) posts I have planned. Where are my carpal tunnel braces?


  1. You are more a blessing to me than you'll ever know!

  2. ......Lead paint math disability and all.