Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boden knock-off

When I was in PA for Christmas, my mom and I went shopping for clothes for her to get the kids. This plain purple t-shirt was on sale and while not my favorite I figured we can always use a shirt.

{imaginary picture of purple shirt before.}

She wore it a few times and in the meantime I saw these in the Mini Boden catalog (there were cuter ones than the chicken; there was a cat and another thing that was super-cute).

{click on the link, I don't feel like saving and uploading.}

So I decided to make my own using the same method for the number t-shirts.

I printed out a flower shape and cut it out.

I ironed the fusible web onto some purple-patterned fabric I have and traced the flower onto that.

I cut out the flower, ironed it onto the shirt, and zig-zag stitched in purple around it.

I add a yellow circle to the middle in the same fashion.

You have to ignore how cute they are and look closely at her shirt. This was my first attempt to take a picture of her new quilt; you'll notice the other ones are better staged.

I love that this is so cute and so much cheaper than an actual Boden shirt.
And it rescues the plain purple shirt from being, you know, plain purple.

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  1. cute! I love dressing up simple things.
    Love the new picture on the blog header. Adorable.