Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tony (again)

I'm sort of (not really) doing P90X again . . . but not really. I'm pretending I am trying to focus on the cardio. So far I've done 3 days on and 4 days off. I'm pretty sure that's not how the program works best but time will tell (I optimistically tell myself).

After awhile, Tony's chatter becomes comforting. So here are 10 things he says that I crackup over, anticipate him saying, or try to work into daily conversations:

1. Get out of your head about it.

2. This is Pam, I call her Blam.

3. A few more seconds and then we're going to X city.

4. Do your best, forget the rest.

5. That's a short uncle.

6. Do you want tickets to the show?

7. I hate that Steve had a funnier line than me.

8. The world-famous Karen pot-stirrers

9. Drink your water, people.

10. Not a bad idea to slip a little recovery drink in your water.

Next week, the top ten reasons I don't hang with Tony as much as I should.

Head over to ohamanda for more lists.

And drink your water, people!


  1. I'm on the 7 days off in a row plan.

  2. Yes, I realize how terrible that comment is from a grammatical standpoint.

  3. I like, "Me and Laura lovin' the grooviness," as well as your others.

  4. "Eric is going to be performing on one leg. So I don't want to hear no excuses from any a you." (from Dan)

    "Prepare to breathe. Cuz your gonna."

    "Tip of the day, Don't smash your face." (my personal favorite)