Saturday, February 5, 2011

Scrap Marathon

A few weeks ago my friend hosted an all-day crop. I went and had a fantastic time . . . as you will see. While taking these pictures, I realized I was missing journaling or a date or just something, so some of these got alterations but I didn't take pictures of any changes.
Some have comments and some don't, they're just there to enjoy.

These (above and below) are two pages separated by a 4-picture photo storage page. I saw this idea in an old issue of Creating Keepsakes and use it every once in awhile to add pictures without a lot of effort.

These pictures are from this past summer when we went to the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester. Did I blog about that? It was fantastic. I had a "scavenger hunt" for Sam and Kate of things to find in the art or in the museum. There's some of that in the photo page.

I also had them recreate paintings they saw. Sam was really into it, especially the Picasso, so I included his drawings, too.

These (above and below) have the same photo storage page in between the regular pages. I'm missing pictures in the bottom vertical picture slot so don't let that throw you off.

Also on this page I painted (for the first time) some raw chipboard (the swirl). I love how it turned out.

I ended up sanding the scallop cardstock on this one.

This one, of course, needs the "A" in Halloween. It must have fallen off in transport. Now if I could just find those letters in my newly organized scrap area . . .

The letters on this one were cut on a cricut. I hand-cut the water splashes . . . another unusual technique for me but I love how it turned out. You can't really see it but the journaling on this is really cheesy.

I love, love, love these papers. I think these are Wednesday and Saturday. Love them. This is a design from one of Close to my Heart's design books, Cherish or Imagine.

Oh, and that kraft paper I used for the base is from Hobby Lobby.

I've even done a few pages since . . . I love scrapping and the indulgence of a whole day to spend on it. sigh.

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  1. Beautiful, as always! How many albums do you have now?