Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'Round Here

It's school vacation week. I found out last year that I can't go into these things without a plan or I go crazy. This year my friend mentioned a week-long class at the Y for Sam. It's been great; he's gotten exercise and it fills up the morning AND today I got to run around the track almost 4 times (with Kate and her little buddy Abby).

I haven't written anything for awhile, not because of a lack of things to write about or absence of projects going on around here . . . I had a bunch of posts set up to post and then just kind of ran out of steam.

So I thought I'd do a way-back Wednesday post but couldn't think of a good story.

It's that time of year when Craig works late most nights so "kids' choice" is a common occurrence. Sam seems to have crested some kind of hill and eats what is served most nights sans complaints.

I mean the nights where I make real food and not do the short-order cook routine.

Kate is in a particularly ornery stage and rejects almost everything I offer to eat and disagrees with pretty much everything I say. When she's asleep, I go in her room and stroke her hair and pray for her.

I do the same for Sam but it's harder to get close to him without waking him up.

My nails are breaking very easily and are very short right now and still break. I think it's from my carpal tunnel syndrome brace things; I think they're reducing the circulation to my fingers.

I should eat some jello.

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