Monday, February 14, 2011

Ribbon Mobile

I've had this project in mind for a good two years. A friend made one for her daughter's nursery and while Kate was already 2, I thought it would still look good in her room, but hung high to be out of her reach.

It's been in my head since then and sometimes I'd pick up supplies (like ribbon for a dollar). Then I was poking around on the Pottery Barn websites (because sometimes there's good stuff on sale) and saw this (again) on PB Teen:

The Be Ribboned Mobile.

Seeing that, and the fact that she's now 4, I got motivated enough to make mine.

First I got out the (super-cheap) embroidery hoop I'd picked up at A. C. Moore for this project and painted it white.

{imagine picture of spray painting process here}

Then I tied on some ribbon to hang it. There was nothing mathematical about how I did that, although I sort of wish I had done 4 or tried harder to space them evenly so it would hang levelly without much effort (had to play with it once I hung it and used glue dots on the hook to keep it where I wanted it).

I know what you're thinking: what is going on in the background?

They're painting. With their faces painted like Pokemon. Pikachu and Pidgeotto, to be exact.

That activity lasted almost as long as my project.

(from the ribbon collection)

I draped them over the inner part of the hoop, sort of trying to space them out. (I know. It looks like I do this stuff in the middle of the night or something. It's the basement and I have decided to refer to it as the "craft cave" and take pictures regardless of how dark they are).

Right at the end, I figured out that I could use glue dots to hold the ribbon in place to they didn't slide around. Most of the ribbon was double over but some I just used one length and the glue dot held it in place.

Then I added the outer hoop and asked my husband for a hook. I did have to do some trimming and straightening. Mine are longer and not as evenly trimmed at the PB one, but I'm happy with it.

Here it is in context:

Can I just say how happy I am with how this picture turned out? I was playing with settings on the camera and had opened the curtain on her skylight to try to get natural light in. It didn't look this good on the preview.

Oh, but wait. That clock and fan don't really go. They are from real life and real life doesn't have to do with staging, does it? Let's try that again:

Clock (that doesn't work) and bear from a shelf; little jewelry box from my grandma that she's not allowed to touch.

Much better.

Her Nana has made her a quilt to cover the bed; it's done (and amazing) but we haven't gotten it yet (that's her baby quilt on the bed there). On the quilt rack is her blanket from her Aunty Reb, and yes, that's the pillow I made the other week.

I'll take another one when we get the quilt and I hang the picture I have to hang over her bed (there was more spray painting invovled).

Stay tuned.

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  1. i saw something like that in belk years ago. much larger scale with wider cloth strips. i so wanted to do that for belle. i have yet to achieve such coolness. i love yours!!!

  2. Very pretty! I cant wait to try one for our play room! :)

  3. Hopefully we will get the quilt to Kate next week. Love the ribbon mobile! Great job!

  4. You did a really great job. Those embroidery hoops have so many uses.

  5. I love this! Love her room, too!